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Skin Care Products

     Our skin care products are all made using our bee products - propolis, royal jelly, honey, and beeswax. They provide excellent moisturizing and healing benefits.

Skin Creams

We make a range of moisturizing creams incorporating beeswax, honey, and natural oils.

These are: 

Skin Cream with Royal Jelly (unscented and lightly scented)

Skin Cream with Natural Propolis

Available in 60 ml or 120 ml jars.

Royal Jelly

Royal Jelly is the special food of the queen bee. The skin cream is enriched by its balanced mix of B vitamins, enzymes and amino acids. Amongst the many qualities attributed to Royal Jelly is its beneficial effect on aging skin.


Propolis is a resinous substance collected by bees from sticky buds and wounds from a variety of trees. It has been known for thousands of years for its healing properties. Modern research has demonstrated its antibiotic, antifungal and antiviral properties, and has shown it to encourage tissue regrowth. Many people have reported this cream is helpful with a number of skin problems including dermatitis, eczema and cracks on hands and feet.

Bee Balm

A naturally soothing salve for sensitive, dry skin, our bee balm is made from only the purest natural ingredients of olive oil and beeswax. Soothing and moisturizing, it is an effective treatment for dry skin anywhere on the body.

Lip Balms

Our lip balms are made with beeswax and natural oils. Soothing and moisturizing, they are available in 1/4 oz tub and stick form.

Tubs are available in natural, spearmint, strawberry and banana.

Sticks are available in peppermint.

Skin Creams

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Bee Balm


Lip Balms

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